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Who is Farley's Jewelers

Thanks to some helpful guidance, being in the right place at the right time and a little luck, Ernie Farley began his career in the jewelry industry in the 1960’s. More than 40 years later, Ernie’s son, Erik, is running the day-to-day business his father started in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Due to high standards, integrity, and a vested interest in the community, Farley’s Jewelers is the jeweler customers allow to share in the most special moments of their lives. “I strongly believe the only way we are able to keep our gifts is to pass them on,” said Ernie Farley. That’s a lesson he learned many years ago, and today it has become the backbone of his family owned and operated jewelry store.


In the 1960’s, the jewelry industry was a tight knit group. At that time, the fourth largest jewelry chain on the east coast, Jewel Box, opened a store in Hanover, PA. The store was called Royal Jewelers and was located on the town square. Representatives from the jewelry store visited local high schools in search of individuals to train in the field. Ernie Farley pursued this opportunity and began working at the store as a stock boy. His career progressed from there, and he became a supervisor. Before long, Ernie


was traveling the East Coast for Jewel Box. Ernie oversaw everything from managing sales associates to actually buying the jewelry, which was sold in the stores. In 1971, Ernie earned his certification as a diamond appraiser from the Gemological Institute of America. When Ernie and his wife, Brenda, had their son, Erik, they decided to move back home to Hanover, PA. At that time, Ernie became the supervisor of Columbia Jewelers, which was the top jeweler in the area.


As Erik Farley matured, he realized he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and also work in the jewelry industry. At the age of 17, Erik was one of the youngest students ever to be accepted into the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. He graduated from the program as a Graduate Gemologist. Over time, Erik began to handle more and more aspects of the family business. Today when you go into Farley’s Jewelers you will most likely see Erik there, as well as the members of their dedicated staff. “We have been so fortunate,” said Ernie Farley. “We have had very little, if any, staff turnover. We believe in helping our staff to become educated in this industry and they


appreciate that. This truly is a family business.”


Farley’s Jewelers has been fortunate enough to witness solid, steady growth in their business over the years. They are regularly adapting their merchandising strategies and believe in offering their customers only the highest standards of quality in the products they sell. Stop in and see for yourself that Farley’s Jewelers is a friendly, family-owned business that will always be there for you.



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Meet the Staff at Farley's Jewelers

Farley's Staff - Ashlie

Ashlie joined Farley’s part-time in the fall of 2011. While going to college, Ashlie worked in the jewelry industry part-time. Upon Graduation and starting her career in education, Ashlie’s expertise and passion for jewelry brought her to Farley’s.

Farley's Staff - Deb

Deb started full time with Farley’s in 1995. Deb quickly became the “go to girl”. She became responsible for merchandising and stocking inventory, along with sales. Deb has come full circle with Farley’s, as she is now semi-retired and works part time.


Farley's Staff - Pam


Farley's Staff - Jared


Farley's Staff - Holly

Holly began her jewelry career at Farley’s in 1999. Being from Hanover, Holly had ties to our community, which led to a feeling of “home” not only with the staff, but with her clientele. A jewelry purchase can last a lifetime. Holly works with our customers using honesty, sincerity and integrity to make the perfect selection.

Farley's Staff - Pam

Pam came to Farley’s in 2003 as a part time employee. Pam’s attention to detail and desire to learn the business, soon led to a full time position. Today, because of her perseverance, she has mastered many aspects of the business, both on the sales floor and behind the scenes.

Farley's Staff - Craig

Craig is a graduate of Edinboro University, came to Farley’s in 2006. With a degree in Fine Arts, Craig started at Farley’s, with basic jewelry repair knowledge. Quickly, Craig became an experienced bench jeweler and custom designer.

Farley's Staff - Jim

Jim (J.R) joined Farley’s in 1994. Jim is a graduate of Bowman Technical Institute. Upon graduation, Jim started his career as a watchmaker, which eventually led him to become a bench jeweler. His passion for the business has evolved into 47 years of experience.